4.2.1 Library is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS), subscription to e-resources, amount spent on purchase of books, journals and per day usage of library.

The academic heart of Panchakot Mahavidyalaya lies in its central library, designed to cater to the information needs of undergraduate students, faculty, and non-teaching staff. Utilizing an Integrated Library Management System (ILMS), the library underwent automation in 2017 with CAMS software, later advancing to the more sophisticated KOHA software in 2023 (version 22.11.06), a cloud-based system. All data from the previous software has been seamlessly migrated, enabling the library's full functionality.

The KOHA software facilitates a range of services, including student and staff membership entry, book database management, issuance and return of books, Z39.50 MARC 21 cataloguing, barcode printing, stock verification, report generation, and 24/7 remote accessible OPAC search. Customized KOHA OPAC features library timings, rules, e-resource links, details of the collection, new arrivals with Google/Amazon cover images, an "Ask Librarian" option, links to SKBU syllabus and old question papers, and a QR code zone providing useful links upon scanning.

The library houses an extensive collection comprising textbooks, reference materials, career guidance resources, and works on local culture, including examples like the Rig-Veda. The computerized central library boasts 20,000+ printed books, 16 printed journals, 7 magazines, and 6 newspapers in various languages.

 The library has subscription of  N - LIST (National Library and Information Services infrastructure for Scholarly Content) consortium of INFLIBNET through which the members of the library can access 6300+ e journals and 1,00,000 e books. E ShodhSindhu, E- Shodh Ganga, E- PG Pathsala, Open access Database, Open access journal, Open access e- books, NDLI (National Digital Library of India) DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), World Digital Library, NPTEL video lecture, E- Gyankosh, E- newspeper etc are linked with Library website as well as koha OPAC.

The library plays a role in creating IRINS profiles for Panchakot Mahavidyalaya, utilizing the web-based Research Information Management service developed by the INFLIBNET centre. Faculty members showcase their research contributions, enhance exposure, and access funding opportunities through this platform. VIDWAN profile Import publications from academic identities such as Microsoft Academic Search ID, Google Scholar ID, Researcher ID, Scopus ID; and ORCID integration to ingest the profile information with publication. Every faculty of Panchakot Mahavidyalaya have their own VIDWAN ID which is linked with their google scholar id, ORCID Id and Scopus id.

The library also calculates H-Index of Panchakot Mahavidyalaya for every year. Which is calculated by counting the number of publications for which an author has been cited by other authors at least that same number of times. The H- Index indicates the productivity and citation impact of faculty publications.

 Equipped with an air-conditioned reading room, CCTV surveillance, circulation counter, digital library access section, journal section, WEB-OPAC counter, newspaper/magazine display area, and stack room, the library provides various services, including resource lending, reading room facilities, Online Document Delivery Service (DDS), online book searching, question banks, library orientation programs, reference services, current awareness services, and computer/internet access for e-resource exploration.

The college consistently expands its library resource collection by gathering book requisitions from departments, approving them through the library committee, purchasing committee, and governing body, and subsequently placing orders with vendors.


Amount spent of purchase of books and Journals :  2018-19 : Rs-------- . 2019-20 : Rs.--------- . 2020-21 : Rs.--------- . 2021-22 : Rs. ------------, 2022-23: Rs. ---------

Per day usage of library is ---------.