About our Library

Library is a heart of an institute and plays an important role in teaching-learning process.  Panchakot Mahavidyalaya Library has started almost from its birth.

Our Library has an Air-conditioned reading room with CCTC surveiliance, multiple circulation counters, Stack room, WEB-OPAC Counter, etc. Through WEB-OPAC counter, students can search availability of library books.

The library has a rich collection of Reference books, Text books and Books of Local culture. Till now 19000+ books in various subjects supplements the teaching learning of UG program. Rig Veda is one of such example.

Library has two type of access i.e. For Teachers open access and for student close access.

Library has active institutional membership of NLIST programme by INFLIBNET. NLIST has 6000+ journal and 600000 e-books for its members.

PKMV Library provides various types of services like Reference service, DDS, Information service, Book lending service, WEB- OPAC to its academic community.