7.1.1 Gender Issues & Gender Audit

7.1.1 Institution has initiated the Gender Audit and measures for the promotion of gender equity during the last five years.

The college is a co-education institution with a significant number of female students. The IQAC formulatesplan to implement gender equity in principle and practice. The College organizes seminars and discussions on gender issues, with awareness about laws against sexual abuse including that in workplace, women's rights, domestic violence, etc. Seminars and workshops on Women and Human rights are organized. The college maintainspromising safety and security related to academic environment on campus. The institution is committedto maintain zero tolerance policy against gender discrimination, ragging, racial issues and sexualharassment. Following are some of the initiatives:

Fully protected campus: The college campus is completely protected with boundary walls and gates are checked by security personals 24x7.
CCTV surveillance: The College has 32 CCTV cameras operational 24x7.
ID card: ID Cards are issued by the college at the time of admission. Wearing them has been made mandatory andno one can enter the campus without this card.
Internal Complaints Committee (ICC): The College has constituted an ICC to ensure a harassment free campus that is committed to take proactive measures if such case arises in the college campus.
Women Cell & Grievance Redress Cell: These cells address various grievances of students and ensure discipline in college campus. There are both online and offline complaint lodging mechanismsand follow up actions are taken quickly.
Anti-Ragging Committee: There is an anti ragging committee in the college which ensures zero ragging in the campus and the committee includes faculties, guardian members, office staff member, representatives from student union as members.
Counseling: The Students Welfare Committeeprovides counseling to students to get rid of their personal stresses and strains. Teachers, as mentors, provides required counseling on demand. Non-teaching staff support the students in official matters such as admission procedure, fee payment, certificates, etc.
Common Rooms:The institution has common rooms separately for male and female. Separate toilets for male and female are present in adequate numbers.
Lady Attendant: A Lady Attendant is provided in the Girl's Common Room to look at all required needs of female students.
Sanitary pad Vending Machine: A Sanitary pad Vending Machine is provided in the Girl's Common Room.
Day Care Centre: The College has a well-equipped Day Care Centre to facilitate the Lady Teachers and students with children.
Lady Teachers’ Staff Room: The College has a well-equipped staffroom exclusively for lady teachers.
Scholarship: Amongst others, this college efficiently facilitates KANYASHREE scholarship meant only for girls. Our college has been awarded for distinctive achievement in this regard.
Self-Defense Training: The College provides a self-defense training for girls free of cost.
Other Facilities: The College has facilities like First Aid Box, Medical Room etc. that are optimally used by the lady teachers and female students.
Other Policies:

  1. The College provides special hours for girl students for use of Gym, Yoga, Cyber Café, Library, etc.
  2. The College has a dedicated HELPLINE for girl students.
  3. The College has a dedicated HELPDESK for girl students.
  4. Special prizes are given to girls.