Mentor-Mentee Programme



A large number of students who come to our College from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds are anticipated to face various challenges in higher education. To cope with such problems and to enable them to excel in academics as per their potential, a Mentor Mentee Programme for students of all departments of the College has been implemented. Mentor Mentee Program is an essential component for a successful career as it bridges the gap between the faculties and students. Mentoring provides students emotional and instrumental support, guidance, encouragement and better environment in college. A mentor plays a vital role in nurturing students and has a positive impact on students’ persistence and academic achievement. A mentee can approach his / her mentor for both educational and personal guidance. It is conducted to help the students to strengthen their varied capabilities and to build an interpersonal relationship between the faculties and students.


  • To ensure that students excel academically up to their potential
  • To increase skill in students other than academic syllabus
  • To keep the mentees on their toes for any opportunity that come on the way
  • To ensure that the mentees avail all scholarships
  • To identify the slow learners and apply boosters to maintain the average
  • The relationship between a mentor and mentee is a two-way professional relationship. Both parties are invested in the mentee’s success.


  • Students shall be assigned to Mentors (Teaching faculty) right from the first semester of the programme.
  • A mentor shall have a optimum number of students (Mentees) as per departmental student strength.
  • The mentees preferably be attached to the same mentor for the entire duration of the programme of study.
  • The mentor shall meet the mentees regularly and record the outcome of the meeting in the hard copy or in the software, if available. The details about each mentee will be recorded and periodically updated in the system.
  • The mentor shall identify the students performing exceptionally well in curricular or cocurricular activities and report to the head of the ion/department for providing further motivation to advanced/gifted learners.
  • The mentor shall also identify the students whose performance/attendance is below average. The mentor shall interact with the student and try to find out the cause of the problem or an indifferent behaviour. If required the mentor will involve the parents, head of the department or the Principal for reforming the student.
  • The mentor shall be a member in the disciplinary committee, if a student (mentee) violates the code of conduct.
  • The department may develop their own programme according to the number of students, faculty members and needs of the discipline as well as of the programme.


  • Areas of Review
    • Attendance: The mentor shall observe and monitor the attendance of the mentee. He/she shall advise and take necessary follow up actions with regard to students who do not meet the attendance norms of the College.
    • Academic Matters: The mentor shall also keep a track of the academic performance of mentees including continuous assessment, term end examination and help the mentee through counselling or by arranging remedial teaching, if necessary.
    • Behavioural and discipline matters.
    • Health and physical well being.
    • Achievements, talents and co-curricular activities.
  • Duties/Responsibilities of Mentor
    • Introduce and discuss the concept of mentor-mentee system with the assigned mentees.
    • Call a meeting of all mentees and record their necessary details in the designated form, note any specific requirement of a student and discuss with them the complete schedule of future meetings.
    • Keep a track of the attendance, academic performance and behaviour of the student.
    • Support students academically and psychologically.
    • Contact parents to inform the progress of their ward, whenever required.
    • Maintain a record of the progress made by the identified underperforming students and take remedial actions wherever required.
    • To guide students and also to arrange for remedial teaching, if required.
    • Create a social media group to track all necessary aspects 24x7
    • A good mentor knows when to use coaching techniques and when to intervene with advice.
    • Act as a sounding board: A mentor is always there for their mentee. They help them develop ideas, overcome challenges, achieve their career goals, and celebrate their wins.
    • Act as a role model
  • Duties/Responsibilities of Mentee
    • Attend meetings regularly.
    • Be Coachable
    • Follow all instructions given by the mentors.
    • Provide details of attendance, continuous assessment, term end examination, cocurricular, extra-curricular activities to the mentor whenever asked for.
    • Freely inform the mentors about any problem.
    • Have realistic expectations.
    • Repose confidence in the mentor and seek his/her advice whenever required.


Coursy: IQAC