2.5.1 Mechanism of internal/ external assessment is transparent and the grievance redressal system is time- bound and efficient

The IQAC organizes an Orientation Programme for all newly admitted students and thereon other teachers organize seminars (department wise) to provide students with an understanding of the CBCS/NEP systems, their grading system and the respective syllabii including the structure and division of internal and external marks for semester examinations. The learners gain an understanding of the overall structure of the teaching-learning process from this initiative.

Our college is affiliated with Sidho Kanho Birsha University, Purulia, West Bengal. The university controls the examination process, which includes internal and external evaluation. University form committees for this examination under the Vice Chancellor and Controller of Examinations. The university mandates a specific time for the teacher to prepare a question paper, and the teacher adheres to the university's guidelines. The university assigns an examination center/venue and students proceed to complete their examination process. University end-semester examinations are conducted by the college through a efficient examination committee, teachers, and non teaching staff. The examination are conducted in accordance with university guidelines and rules. External inspectors are sent to the colleges to oversee the examination. After completing the external examination, teachers evaluate the answer sheets on time. The university conducts the spot evaluation process and finishes the process on time. Internal marks are awarded through discussions, assignments, fieldwork, practical work, MCQ, etc. It depends on the respective department teachers and heads. The teacher may provide a additional dates for the assignment completion if someone fails to attend the internal examination for some reason. Student attendance is crucial for examinations, with a score of over 75 percent being mandatory for class participation. During COVID-19, examinations were conducted through various methods such as mail, Google Meet, WhatsApp and the college examination portal. Teachers play a significant role in performing invigilation duties so as to maintain a transparent and efficient examination process.

College teachers are responsible for uploading the internal marks to the university portal on time. If students do not achieve the expected marks, he/she can apply for university review. The college will assist students in reviewing the answer sheet. The university makes the correct decision after rechecking the examination paper. Both the college and the university successfully addresses all the student issues related to examinations. All these activities are observes and monitored by the IQAC coordinator and Principal of the College. Caution is maintained so that the internal and external examination process remain fully transparent.