6.3.1:  The institution has effective welfare measures and Performance Appraisal System for teaching and non-teaching staff

Following are the Welfare Schemes for staff of the college:

All Teaching and Non-teaching Staff of this college are provided with many welfare facilities. Some facilities are those which the college itself provide for all its staff. There are some other measures that the college subscribes to govt. schemes and effectively implements so that all its staff can enjoy and avail such benefits. Following are some of the welfare measures:

Welfare Measures for Techers Welfare Measures for Non-teaching Staff
Employee Co-op Credit Society Employee Co-op Credit Society
Air Conditioned Faculty Rooms Air Conditioned Office Rooms
Festival Advances Separate Common Room for Female Staff
Loan Facilities Festival Advances
Easy Application Procedure and Approval of Leaves Loan Facilities
Speedy Approval of Leaves for FIP/OP/RC/etc. Easy Application Procedure and Approval of Leaves
Inflibnet Online Library
Online Library College Training Programmes
Repositories Staff Development Programmes
Vidwan Enrollment Provident Fund
Provident Fund Quick Processing of PF Loan
Quick Processing of PF Loan Gratuity on Retirement
Gratuity on Retirement First Aid facility
West Bengal Health Scheme Health Checkups
First Aid facility Special Hours for Yoga
Health Checkups Special Hours for Gym
Separate Canteen Cubicle Separate Canteen Cubicle
Residential Facilities at zero cost CCTV surveillance (24x7)
CCTV surveillance (24x7) Security Ensured (24x7)
Security Ensured (24x7) Purified Drinking Water
Purified Drinking Water Modern ICT facilities
Modern ICT facilities Separate Zone vehicle Parking Facilities
Facility of Research  
Teachers' day Celebration  
Separate Parking Zone Facilities  
College Training Programmes  
Separate Common Room for Female Staff  
Best Teacher Award  
Special Hours for Yoga  
Special Hours for Gym  

This institution has a balanced system of appraisal of the performance of the teaching and the non-teaching staff.

Teaching Staff: Each of the teaching staff has to pass through a rigorous process of appraisal through a prescribed form that is countersigned by the Principal and University and Government experts, before each stage of promotion. There are three stages of promotion in the designation of Assistant Professor, before the teacher can be promoted to the stage of Associate Professor. As per this format, the teacher is judged on several counts, apart from academic activities, which include administrative work, work related to student activities, and other extra-curricular works. Apart from this every teacher is evaluated by the Governing Body before confirmation of services. College also gives a Best Teacher Award annually.

Non-Teaching Staff: The Principal and the Governing Body evaluate the performance of the Non-teaching staff before every promotional benefit. Apart from this, their performance is evaluated from time to time by both the Principal and the Governing Body. College also gives a Best Non-teaching Award annually.