Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment

The institution plays a major role to provide an inclusive environment in the campus. Various programs are organized to enhance the cultural assimilation, acceptance of linguistic diversity, and regional variations, increase communal harmony and social cohesiveness to create one Indian Identity. The institution plays a proactive role to sensitize the pupils and employees to respect the constitutional obligations and values. Besides, the college is committed to alert the stakeholders about various rights, duties and responsibilities to maintain the sanctity of the constitution. In order to embrace cultural, regional, linguistic and communal diversities, the institution organizes various programs which include -

Linguistic Diversity & Communal Harmony: The College celebrates ‘Matribhasa Divas’ in order to grow sensitivity regarding the languages of the country. The College conducts Communal Harmony Campaign and sensitizes all to be tolerant to all communities and their respective languages and cultures.Celebration of major festivals of different communities.

Awareness Program on Equal Opportunity: The college organizes awareness programs about its providing access to education for all by strictly following the prevailing policies and rules of the government.

Celebration of Vigilance Awareness week: Through this programme the students are sensitized and motivated to stand against all kinds of corruptions. They get informed about the Vigilance Department, Right to Information Act, 2005 and responsibility of every citizen for eradication of corruption.

 Awareness campaigns: POSCO awareness campaigns, Sexual Harassment Prevention and Awareness programmes  and  Gender  Equity  programmes  are  organized  to sensitize students and employees on justice, liberty, equality and fraternity.

Observance: Observation of World  Day  against  Child  Labour,  Girl  Child  Day,  International  Day  against Drug   Abuse   and   Illicit   Trafficking   and   Human   Rights   Day are conducted   to   sensitize stakeholders on human dignity.

Voter’s Awareness Programme: The College organizes awareness programmes to inform students about voter’s rights and responsibilities. They are informed about the SVEEP (Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation) and are advised to download the Voter Helpline App to know about their rights and responsibilities being a citizen of India.

Celebration of National Days: To infuse respect for the nation, national Anthem, National Flag, Constitution, Freedom Fighters and their sacrifices, the college celebrates the National days like Republic Day, Independence Day, National Unity Day, Gandhi Jayanti etc.

Socio-economic Cohesiveness: The College organizes free medical check-up camp for the people of the locality.During the Covid-19 pandemic, the teachers and employees helped the needy with food and other items.

Display in Sign Board: The College has displayed the Key Features of the Constitution, Preamble of the Constitution, Fundamental duties of Citizen in signboards placed in various points of the campus. These programmes act as perfect reminders for the performance of our civic duties or moral duties as enshrined in Indian Constitution to : (a)  abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the National Flag and the National Anthem, (b) uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity, and integrity of India, (c) develop the spirit of humanism