• Learner-centric academic foundation combined with moral values
  • Dedicated service rendered by the management, faculty and staff
  • Consistent success rate
  • Incremental physical infrastructure for a relatively young institution
  • Hostel facility for boy and girl students
  • Adequate land within main campus for future expansions
  • Eco – friendly and peaceful working ambience
  • Green campus
  • NCC and 3 NSS units
  • NEP introduced
  • All students with ABC id and Anti-ragging afiidavit


  • Poor knowledge base and language skill of shy first generation learners
  • Low motivation level and focus of learners from financially weak families
  • Inadequate govt. approved full time teaching posts that weakens student-teacher ratio
  • Lack of adequate funds for development
  • No feeder schools for science subjects in the locality


  • A large and green college campus
  • Increasing digitization at institution level
  • Cordial relationship among all the stakeholders
  • Updated Library
  • Increasing use of ICT in class rooms and office
  • Sanction of financial assistance by RUSA
  • Introduction of NEP
  • Enthusiastic faculty with research and publication aptitude
  • Participation in extracurricular activities reveal the latent talents of students
  • Community-oriented extension activities transform students into responsible citizens.


  • To build knowledge base and language skill among shy first generation learners
  • To inspire learners with reading habit and adaptability to new technologies in learning
  • To make the best use of college campus, infrastructure and human resource with limited funds
  • Creating research and publication attitude among the students
  • Providing more financial assistance to financially-challenged meritorious learners
  • Running skill-oriented courses appropriate for job market
  • Opening PG courses in some selective subjects
  • Students placement through campus recruitment
  • To teach students coming from various boards with different syllabus orientation, language proficiency and socio-cultural backgrounds.