Annual Report 2015 - 2016

Year Name of quality initiative by IQAC Date of conducting IQAC Duration From Duration To Number of participants
2015 SEMINAR ON OPPORTUNITIES IN NCC 15-08-15 15-08-15 15-08-15 100
2015 SEMINAR ON IMPORTANCE ON E-COMMERCE 20-08-15 20-08-15 20-08-15 32
2015 SEMINAR ON UNDERSTANDING ECONOMICS 11-12-15 11-12-15 11-12-15 36
2016 SEMINAR ON FOOD ADULTRATION 05-02-16 05-02-16 05-02-16 70
2016 SEMINAR ON CAS 02-03-16 02-03-16 02-03-16 6
Number of IQAC meetings held during the year : 6
Significant contributions made by IQAC during the current year
1 Ensuring use of ICT in Teaching Learning process
2 Setting up of wifi
3 Many sensitization programmes
4 Training of staff
5 Enhancement of college infrastructure
Plan of Action  Achivements/Outcomes
Teachers –students- parents meet  This has been rescheduled to be done later
Workshop for Teaching and Non –teaching staff on need of ensuring quality in everyday work. Awareness grew
Making college campus green, clean and de-plasticized. The target has been reached partly by NSS & NCC.
Introducing one internal seminar every week in college. It has been kept in the weekly timetable. Some of the teachers delivered special lectures.
Ensuring Use of ICT in Class Teaching Many Departments have started to use ICT in Class teaching.