Modalities of IA

Evaluation Process & Results preparation of UG (Semester VI) of the Academic Session 2019-20.

*The underlying principle of results preparation:

  • 20% weightage to Internal Assessment of current semester
  • 80% weightage to the results of previous semesters


Modalities of IA

  1. Full Marks 10 (20%) for each Course/Paper

*Home Assignments


*Essay writing


*Any other suitable method

  1. IA shall be on the basis of the above said modalities as decided by the College authority/Department/ Examination Monitoring Cell



  1. The college will constitute the Examination Monitoring Cell headed by Principal/TIC/OIC and comprising of 3-5 other members in order to monitor the examination system (IA) of the College.
  2. College shall notify to all students of final semester about the details of the IA prior to take examination (Through SMS, WhatsApp, e-Mail, local Newspaper and college Website). Helpline numbers are to be mandatorily uploaded in the Website & the queries and grievances of the students are to be sincerely addressed.
  3. All Information/Resolutions/Notices in connection with IA are to be forwarded to CoE of SKB University.
  4. No enhancement in fees and no extra fees should be charged towards IA/home assignment through online mode.
  5. The HoD/Teacher of each course/paper shall adopt any of the above said modalities as decided by the college authority concerned and the same will be uploaded in the College Website in details along with WhatsApp number and Mail ID on which the responses/answers of students will be received within a timeframe. The students may submit the responses at college strictly following the Govt’s Health Protocol/Guidelines. In extremely hard situation the responses may be collected by the college authority from student’s address by sending messanger.
  6. All the responses/ answers will be assessed by the concerned teachers and the marks obtained by the students out of 10 (F.M.) will be uploaded in the IA Portal provided by the University.
  7. The modalities along with resolutions of such Internal Assessment be recorded and the documents will be preserved by the respective College authority and must be placed before any Committee or Team constituted by the University for verification purpose.


Modalities of Weightage to the Results of Previous Semesters

Full Marks 40 (80%) of each course/paper.

  1. 80% of the Best aggregate percentage obtained in any of the previous semesters (I - V) be awarded. If we assume that 70% is the best aggregate obtained by a student in any previous semester, then he/she will be awarded 28 marks (70% of 40) against each Course/Paper.
  2. If a student has SNC in II/IV or both Semester(s), then that/those semester(s) to be awarded first (prior to finalise his/her marks of Semester VI) by following the procedurec stated below:
  1. In case of SNC in Sem II, aggregate percentage marks of previous Semester (I) is to be awarded.
  2. In case of SNC in Sem IV, best aggregate percentage marks among the previous three Semesters(I, II, III) is to be awarded.
  3. If a student has SNC in both Sem II & IV, then the Sem II marks is to be awarded first and then Sem IV by following the above procedures(a & b).
  4. If the examinee has SNC in Odd Semesters (III/V) then the results of the Semester VI of that student will remain SNC.

His/her results of Sem VI will be computed as and when he/she will clear in next attempt (s). [The above mentioned principle has been adopted to provide justice to the students having clearance pending for even semesters only, as those semesters are supposed to be held during this period and they are getting deprived of appearing in the examinations.]

  1. Students will have options for appearing formal examination (instead of alternate evaluation method as stated above) in next attempt(s). But that is to be exercised by the student through an application to the Controller of Examinations forwarded through the Principal/TIC/OIC of the College concerned.


Modalities of Form Fill up

  1. Nominal fees will be charged for filling up the Examination forms.
  2. The absence of the students in college since the announcement of close of campus (w.e.f.16.03.2020) will be considered as deemed to be attended.
  3. As students will not come to the campus, each student will be given individual access for form fill up and they will be provided with ID (Registration No.) and Password (DOB).
  4. During form fill up the students will only select DSE courses [for Hons. 2 out of 3 and for Program 1 out of 2]



Form fill up: 29th June to 5th July, 2020

Uploading the marks of IA by the Colleges in IA portal: within 15th July, 2020

Result publication: within 31st July, 2020